Airbnb Dream Home – The Funky Loft

Who’s stayed at an Airbnb before? Chances are most of you have. I have stayed at various before, but I never thought much of any of them. That is until I stayed at The Funky Loft which is located in Brooklyn, New York. It is honestly the cutest, dreamiest, most bohemian place I have ever seen! Not to mention there is a swing! I mean can it get any better? Also, the women who live there are seriously the sweetest and provide complementary breakfast. They had Lucky Charms which is hands down my favorite cereal. There is music bumping most of the afternoon which consisted of mostly oldies which is my favorite!


This amazing Airbnb is located in Brooklyn and is super close to a subway (About 5-10 minute walk). I stayed here with my friend @michellemakingmoves. We got a 7 day subway card and went to DUMBO, and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. We also went to Times Square, and the Flatiron building by taking the subway. This is a great place to stay at when visiting New York because of how cute, convenient, and cost friendly it is. Make your Instagram New York dreams comes true by staying at The Funky Loft next time you’re in New York! @thefunkyloft

Fall Time!

I am so glad that Fall is officially here because it means long sleeved dresses and cute colors! I am wearing one of my all time favorite dresses from Cleo Madison. The color scheme on this dress is everything and I searched long and hard for this last fall.21728610_1735191816491484_104003486669755350_oWhat do you love most about Fall?

Zion National Park

Daniel and I recently went to Zion for the first time ever and let me tell you it was beyond beautiful! We decided that we were going to go beyond our limits and do Angels Landing. Let me tell you that hike was not easy at all but worth it 100%! The hike made we feel accomplished and the views were life changing. I highly suggest doing that hike if you ever go there, because it is totally doable you just have to pace yourself, set aside at least 3 hours and bring about 3 water bottles a person.

We initially wanted to camp there but we did not reserve a camp site in time so we stayed at a cute little motel room. All the motels around there are great because there are bus stops right in front of them that take you to the entrance of Zion for free.

As for clothing bring anything light weight because it is so hot out there. And yes I did do a hike in the dress and converse pictures below but that was a mistake lol. All in all Zion is a must go to destination! Also I now can cross it off my bucket list (;

Do you know of any places to hike around Utah with amazing views?

Europe Tour

In the summer of 2016 I went on the best adventure ever with my sister to travel through Europe! We went through Expat tours (Europe Explorer) which took us to 8 countries including France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany & Belgium. It was the best vacation I have ever taken hands down. I 100% recommend everyone to go travel through Europe because it will be worth seeing all the beautiful historical places and experiencing the culture. I remember when I went I thought it would change my life and it did because it helped me discover myself. Visiting places I read and dreamed about going to turned into a reality.  Going to Anne Frank’s house really hit me that the Holocaust was real for so many. In Switzerland I was able to finally see snow because I never had prior to the trip and let me tell you, it was very cold. Seeing the Eiffel Tower was one of my favorite things because I have always been obsessed with it and all things France. I honestly almost cried tears of joy because I finally lived out my dream of eating flower gelato and seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up. The best part of the trip of course was going with my sister because we would walk at least 8 miles every time we hit a new place to see as much as we possibly could. I would recommend going with a friend to Europe because it makes the trip even better and there are a lot of sketchy places out there especially Amsterdam. Have you ever been to Europe? And if so what was your favorite place there?