Dream Paris Booties

Hey everyone!

I was recently gifted these super cute fall combat boots, so I thought I’d write about them. These boots come in five beautiful colors, but I picked the brown-m color because I love brown boots for fall.

What I love about these boots is that they are super comfortable and cost $24.99 on Amazon with Prime shipping! I mean is that not the most amazing thing?! Let’s not forget how they match almost any color and have a unique twist with the sock look on top. I also absolutely adore the little studs on the booties which spice up any outfit.

If you are looking for some cute new booties for yourself or to gift these upcoming holidays, then I suggest you check Dream Paris out! Here is the link Dream Paris Booties

What’s your go to place to buy boots?

People Footwear

Recently a company called People Footwear reached out and sent me a couple pairs of shoes. Let me tell you these shoes are not only super cute, but are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned(Not even kidding)! People shoes are very light weight which is super nice for walking everywhere as I do most days. They use the latest high-tech manufacturing when creating these shoes which is amazing! I highly recommend checking out their website https://peoplefootwear.com/. Especially if your feet hurt after a while of walking due to uncomfortable shoes, you should definitely check out these shoes! They will not disappoint! Below I have posted pictures of the shoes which consist of the WALDO PILLOW PINK/SAND, PHILLIPS Yeti White/Yeti, and LENNON SLIDE JULEP GREEN.


Are these shoes not the cutest?!