Valentine’s Day DIY Outfit

Looking for a fun creative Valentine’s Day outfit? Look no further. This DIY cost me a total of $15.

Items needed for this DIY: conversation hearts, a glue gun, glue sticks, and old clothing (or any clothing you wouldn’t mind using). I got the conversation hearts and glue sticks from the Dollar Tree. The top and skirt were on my to donate bags so I decided to repurpose them for this outfit.

This DIY is super simple! All you need to do is separate the hearts by colors, and then super glue them to your clothing. Fair warning this DIY took me about 5 hours but it’s my favorite DIY to this day!

Video DIY can be found here in case you’d like to watch it! Comment below what you’d like to see next.

Transcending Waves

Recently I was gifted this super cool planner! This planner is from Transcending Waves. They are a company that believes in making dreams to reality through careful planning and consistency. Their planner is super cute and really helps keep my whole life in balance. The journal has some really cool features that include goals for the day as well as what good things you did for the day. It’s a really great way to have everything planed while keeping a positive outlook. I really love this planner and recommend anyone to get one! The link . You can use (ASHLEYXWAVES) to get 10% off your purchase!

What do you think about this planner?